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Advanced Usage

Network Partitioning

Kurtosis allows you to write tests that simulate network partitions between different nodes of your network. To use this functionality:

  1. Set the IsPartitioningEnabled flag to true in your TestConfiguration object that your test returns
  2. Call the repartition method on the NetworkContext object to divide the network into multiple partitions, configuring the access between the partitions (blocked or not)

This will set the desired network states between the various partitions, simulating a partitioned network. When adding services to the partitioned network, make sure to use NetworkContext.addServiceToPartition rather than addService, because the latter uses the default partition which will no longer exist after repartitioning.

Mounting External Files

External files can be mounted inside a Docker container running inside a Kurtosis test, so long as the files are packaged inside a GZ-compressed TAR file and hosted at a URL accessible by your CI. To use this functionality:

  1. Declare the URLs of the artifacts that your test will need in its TestConfiguration object, mapped to IDs that you’ll use to identify the artifacts
  2. When building the ContainerCreationConfig inside your ContainerConfigFactory, use the withFilesArtifacts function of the builder to declare where to mount the files inside the artifacts

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