Contains the API for a testsuite container, and a library that makes writing those testsuites easier

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Kurtosis Versioning & Upgrading

There are two versions that you’ll need to pay attention to inside your Kurtosis testsuite:

  1. The version of Kurtosis Core, which represents the main machinery that powers testsuite execution
  2. The version of the testsuite API lib, which contains language-specific bindings that let your testsuite interact with Kurtosis Core

These versions are stored in the following spots:

Because the testsuite API lib really contains bindings for connecting to Kurtosis Core, the version of the API lib used dictates which version of Kurtosis Core you’ll need. You’ll need to make sure that your version of the testsuite API lib is compatible with the Kurtosis Core scripts inside your .kurtosis directory. To see which version of Kurtosis Core your testsuite API lib is compatible with, look for the “Breaking Changes” section of the testsuite API lib changelog, which will have a message like “Upgraded to Kurtosis Core v1.10”. This indicates that you must replace the contents of your .kurtosis directory with the scripts from Kurtosis Core v1.10.

FINAL NOTE: we know this process isn’t as smooth as it could be. We’re investigating making the Kurtosis Core version entirely transparent to you, so that you only need to think about the testsuite API lib version.

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